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Tuesday, May 24

11:20am PDT

Running Cloud Foundry in a Compliance and Security Focused Environment - Diego Lapiduz and Bret A. Mogilefsky, 18F
Running Cloud Foundry in a compliance and security focused environment (Diego Lapiduz and Bret Mogilefsky, cloud.gov - 18F). cloud.gov has adopted Cloud Foundry to host applications for government users in the cloud, tackling one of the core impediments to government service delivery today. In the process of doing that we had to turn up the security of the platform, write composable compliance documentation, and build tools to automatically scan the system and tenant applications. These processes and tools have been built in the open so other members of the community can contribute to them and reuse them in other contexts. 

This talk will show how Cloud Foundry and Bosh made it easy to centralize security and enable redeployment of the whole platform. We will also talk about how we built reusable and composable compliance documentation that can be shared publicly. 

avatar for Diego Lapiduz

Diego Lapiduz

Architect, Microsoft
Diego was the founder of cloud.gov, a secure and compliant platform as a service for the government. Now he works at Pivotal helping enterprises increase their agility and transit the DevOps path.
avatar for Bret Mogilefsky

Bret Mogilefsky

Innovation Specialist, 18F
Bret Mogilefsky is an Innovation Specialist at 18F, the agile design and development consultancy inside government, for government. Bret leads teams and projects focused on deconstructing the biggest technical hurdles to improving government services. Prior to 18F, Bret was the architect... Read More →

Tuesday May 24, 2016 11:20am - 11:50am PDT
Grand Ballroom GH

12:00pm PDT

Building a Brand Around a Technology and Cultural Transformation - Matthew Curry, Allstate
Matt Curry will present how Allstate has created a brand around the Allstate transformation initiative. He will talk about branding the platform and the newly refined focus Allstate is putting on the developer experience. His talk underscores the cultural importance of enabling cloud consumers to identify with a branded experience when grappling with the idea dramatic cultural and technological change in a large enterprise. 

avatar for Matthew Curry

Matthew Curry

Director of Cloud Engineering, Allstate Insurance Co.
Matt is a director of Infrastructure Products at Allstate. He maintains a regular presence on multiple podcasts and is an avid Twitter freak.

Tuesday May 24, 2016 12:00pm - 12:30pm PDT
Grand Ballroom B

12:00pm PDT

Cloud Foundry on Azure, Beyond BOSH and CPI: Learn How You Can Use (Pivotal) Cloud Foundry for Enterprise, Hybrid Scenarios - Kundana Palagiri, Ning Kuang, & Gil Isaacs, Microsoft
In this deep dive session you'll learn about how some of the enterprise and hybrid features of Azure are available natively for Cloud Foundry applications. 

avatar for Gil Isaacs

Gil Isaacs

Gil is a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect in the Microsoft Developer Experience division where he helps commercial technology publishers develop solutions utilizing Microsoft Azure. Most recently, Gil was the lead in partnership with Pivotal Engineering in publishing the Pivotal... Read More →
avatar for Ning Kuang

Ning Kuang

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Senior Program Manager from Microsoft Azure Compute team, focusing on open source application platforms and tools, manages the key projects for Cloud Foundry on Azure. Previously Ning worked as a program manager for Azure Linux deployment solutions, as well as software engineer for... Read More →
avatar for Kundana Palagiri

Kundana Palagiri

Principal Program Manager, Azure, Microsoft
Kundana Palagiri been at Microsoft for about 14+ years and worked on various Windows Server and Cloud Technologies as both a Program Manager and a Software Engineer. She currently work on Azure IaaS and PaaS platforms and I primarily work on a VM Customization framework to integrate... Read More →

Tuesday May 24, 2016 12:00pm - 12:30pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

4:55pm PDT

Hybrid Cloud in Finance - John Wetherill, BNY Mellon (moderator), David Lewis, BNY Mellon, and Asif Alam, Thomson Reuters, Janga Aliminati, Visa

Every major global financial institution is encountering the cloud, and each is adopting it in their own way. Some are diving in the deep end, moving all software delivery to public cloud like AWS or Azure. Others choose to keep everything on premise. Others are taking a "wait and see" approach, while still others are combining the best of both public and private clouds, adopting a hybrid strategy. 

This technical panel discussion features thought leaders from several major global finance corporations. It will explore the role of hybrid cloud in global enterprise software delivery. The  panelists will present their unique experienced viewpoints on the pros and cons of hybrid cloud, the reasons they have, or have not moved to hybrid, and the challenges they're facing in whatever cloud adoption strategy they've chosen, whether public, private, or hybrid.  This promises to be an invigorating, charged, and possibly somewhat controversial debate. 

avatar for Asif Alam

Asif Alam

Global Business Director - Technology Sector, Thomson Reuters Corporate
avatar for Janga Aliminati

Janga Aliminati

Chief Architect – Cloud, Visa
Janga R. Aliminati is a Passionate technology leader who possess strategic aptitude, entrepreneurial leadership, hands-on deep domain expertise, exceptional organizational talent with extreme customer focus. Over 20 plus years of his career, Janga has excelled in several high profile... Read More →

David Lewis

Director Architecture and Platform Services, BNY Mellon

John Wetherill

BNY Mellon, Principal Architect
John Wetherill, Principal Architect at BNY Mellon's Innovation Center in Palo Alto, spent much of his career designing and building software at a handful of startups, at Sun Microsystems, NeXT Inc., and in the smart grid and energy space. His biggest passion is for tools, languages... Read More →

Tuesday May 24, 2016 4:55pm - 5:25pm PDT
Grand Ballroom B
Wednesday, May 25

11:35am PDT

Launching the Next Generation Satellite Ground System on Cloud Foundry and Microservices – One Year Later - Michael Weirzbinski, DigitalGlobe; Mike Waters, DigitalGlobe; & Steve Wall, ECS Team
Last year at Cloud Foundry Summit, DigitalGlobe presented its rationale, plans, and early experience in the use of Cloud Foundry as the basis of its next generation Ground System. It’s now a year later, and we are in the midst of realizing that vision – culminating in a launch of DigitalGlobe’s latest satellite, WorldView-4, later this year.

This presentation describes the discoveries that we’ve made in scaling up a major development effort running on top of Cloud Foundry. It includes discussion of our current environment as well as how we have overcome both technical and cultural challenges along the way. Finally, we’ll include a discussion of the how our view of Cloud Foundry, microservices, and related infrastructure have evolved over the last year.

avatar for Steve Wall

Steve Wall

Director of Solutions Architecture, ECS Team
Steve has over 20 years of experience architecting, designing and developing sophisticated enterprise applications, with the past three years focused in Cloud Foundry development. He is a Cloud Foundry Certified Associate and served on the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s committee to... Read More →
avatar for Mike Waters

Mike Waters

Enterprise Architect, DigitalGlobe
Mike Waters works for DigitalGlobe as an Enterprise Architect/Software Architect. He is the lead Software Architect on DigitalGlobe's next generation Ground System. Mike has led DigitalGlobe's efforts to adopt microservices architecture and is the lead designer in planning the evolution... Read More →

Michael Weirzbinski

Mike Wierzbinski is DigitalGlobe's Enterprise Cloud Architect, focusing on Enterprise adoption and migration to Cloud technologies. Throughout his career, Mike has focused on geospatial technologies and architectures that promote the use of geospatial information as an enterprise... Read More →

Wednesday May 25, 2016 11:35am - 12:05pm PDT
Grand Ballroom B

1:30pm PDT

Daimler's Disruptive Product Development Evolution - Manuel Birke, Daimler
In 2015 Daimler recognized the need for a modern and agile evolution of their product development process to maintain responsiveness to market needs. Yet inciting process change at a storied organization like Daimler required a modification not just to the technology platform, but also to the organizational best practices that support product development. Discover more about the experience Daimler had in bringing MercedesMe to market, accommodating the needs of an experienced, multidisciplinary project team distributed all over the globe, while never sacrificing the product quality and consumer experience that they are known for.


Manuel Birke

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc.

Wednesday May 25, 2016 1:30pm - 2:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom B

1:30pm PDT

Navigating the Cloud Foundry Ecosystem of Ecosystems: An ISV Perspective - Ivan Dwyer, Iron.io
Even Neil Degrasse Tyson would be impressed with how quickly and effectively the Cloud Foundry community has evolved into a fully organic ecosystem of ecosystems. This is because forward thinking organizations are putting a stake in the ground that Cloud Foundry will be the foundation for all future software development and deployment. In this multi-cloud platform-centric world, where do the ISVs fit?

As a relatively new member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Iron.io has first hand experience how to communicate, collaborate, and contribute with the members of the community to extend the platform where applicable and satisfy customer needs when requested. They key is knowing what you bring to the table, and doing it the cloud native way.

In this session, Ivan Dwyer from Iron.io will share a few anecdotes from their experiences working with Cloud Foundry community partners across integration engineering, co-marketing, and joint sales efforts – what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what’s coming next.

avatar for Ivan Dwyer

Ivan Dwyer

Head of Business Development, Iron.io
Ivan Dwyer is the head of business development at Iron.io, collaborating with partners across the entire cloud technology and developer services ecosystem to form strategic and technical alliances that benefit the modern Enterprise.

Wednesday May 25, 2016 1:30pm - 2:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

2:10pm PDT

CLI Plugin to Enhance Your Cloud - Simon Leung & Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM
Cloud Foundry is fully featured, however, there are moments when we wish it had come with those 1 or 2 extra features; could be features to make administrator’s life a little easier, or it could be tools to utilize environment specific features. CLI (Command Line Interface) plugin is among one of the easiest ways for providers to customize Cloud Foundry. Come learn about how the plugin framework available as part of the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface can be used to provide new features to end users quickly and easily, with real life examples of how it helps operators and end users. See how plugins leverage the portability and distribution architecture of the CF CLI to deliver features to users easily regardless of architecture or operating system. You too can utilize plugins to provide new functionality and interact with infrastructure built around and on top of Cloud Foundry.


Jonathan Berkhahn

Open Source Contributor, IBM
Joanthan is a software engineer that contributes to open source projects in the cloud platform space. He has previously contributed to Cloud Foundry, and currently contributes to Kubernetes Service Catalog and various Kubernetes Operator related projects. He has spoken at several... Read More →
avatar for Simon Leung

Simon Leung

Simon is one of the early Dojo program participant and has been working on varies Cloud Foundry projects for almost 3 years. Currently he is in CAPI team help pushing Cloud Controller features forward.

Wednesday May 25, 2016 2:10pm - 2:40pm PDT
Grand Ballroom GH

3:50pm PDT

Cloud Foundry and ODPi Working Towards Enabling Cloud-Native, Data-Driven Applications - Roman Shaposhnik, Pivotal and Richard Pelavin, Reactor8 Inc.
While Cloud Foundry Foundation drives global awareness, adoption and development of the de-facto open source, industry standard platform for cloud applications, ODPi is an open source foundation focusing on promoting and advancing the state of Apache Hadoop® and Big Data technologies for the enterprise. We believe that working together these two major open source efforts could accelerate the arrival of true cloud-native, data-driven applications for the enterprise. 

In this talk we will describe how BOSH is shaping up to be a universal cloud abstraction layer allowing any ODPi certified product to achieve cloud portability and thus replacing a plethora of ad-hoc and single vendor tools. We will talk about how ODPi hopes to champion stateful use cases for BOSH allowing any data base-live service to benefit from CFF technology. Finally, we will spend time exploring options around standardizing data services and service brokers enabling application developers to start focusing on the holy grail of not only cloud-native, but cloud-native AND data-driven applications. 


Richard Pelavin

Richard is a Co-Founder and CTO of Reactor 8, the company developing The DevOps Toolkit (DTK). DTK is a framework for Infrastructure and Application Developers working together to deliver Services to their perspective users/customers. The framework was born out of 3+ years of consulting/services... Read More →
avatar for Roman Shaposhnik

Roman Shaposhnik

Director of Open Source, Linux Foundation
Apache Software Foundation and Data, oh but also unikernels

Wednesday May 25, 2016 3:50pm - 4:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

3:50pm PDT

Using the Theory of Constraints to Prioritize Applications for Migration to Cloud Foundry - Mark Carlson, ECS Team
Cloud Foundry has enjoyed a tremendous adoption rate by Fortune 500 enterprises and large government agencies at both the state and federal level. Large organizations are turning to Cloud Foundry's agile infrastructure to help remove the friction of deploying and operation applications in both public and private clouds.

Most of these large firms start their cloud-native journey with small or moderately sized pilot applications. Once these have enabled the "pioneers" within the organization to share their success, the attention turns to the large, sometimes massive, portfolios of existing applications.
The challenge common to all of these large organization is to devise a strategy for selecting applications to migrate to the newly implemented cloud-native platform.

In this talk, you will learn about an approach to analyzing an existing application portfolio using the theory of constraints in addition to the more common criteria of size, technical fit and business function. By identifying the "innovation bottlenecks" within your organization, it is possible to select the set of applications (and development teams) to migrate to your newly implemented cloud-native application platform for maximum business impact.

The talk will share some of the lessons learned from application migration projects within large enterprises like yours that can be used to avoid dangers encountered by others. It will also include some tips and practices shared by successful travelers ahead of you on the road to cloud-native.

Attendees will learn about three phases of cloud-native application migration, how the constraint theory can supplement other more common selection criteria and how to jump start your organizations application migration.

avatar for Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson

Global CTO, Pivotal

Wednesday May 25, 2016 3:50pm - 4:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom B